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SyFy “Passengers” Part 2 | Reveals Inner Eye Womb Universe!

About 2 years ago, we discovered on Enterthe5t4rz that the inner eye and womb were dramatically similar in appearance and function. We then began to see the inner eye womb repeated in the bible. See the playlist on my YouTube channel titled “The Map of Heaven Within” to better understand these concepts. It is undeniable at this point that the elite of Hollywood know the truth about the inner eye womb. It is no longer conjecture. So, why? Why go through the hassle and cost of seeding these concepts into film when almost nobody will understand the symbols? The simple answer is, sorcery, and that Lucifer wants to be like the Most High.

You can find the film to watch for free by googling “vidzi passengers”. Make sure you have adblocker and popup blocker enabled for that site. I cannot put the link here because this site could be shut down.

Screenshots From the Film

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