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FILM DECODE: JLaw in PASSENGERS SyFy Thriller: Did We Accurately Predict the Plot?


God, Son and the Garden of Eden themes persist in almost every Hollywood film, as the devil tries to rewrite the story of history. In doing so, he gives himself away and proves the existence of the God of the Hebrew bible.

In this film, Adam is born into the honeycomb matrix, the ship. Then, out of loneliness, he awakens Eve from her sleep. Just like in the bible story. Laurence Fishburne appears as the third being to awaken at the moment that Adam plants a tree in the middle of the garden with 88 years left until their destination. Is Lawrence the serpent? Or, is this a different tree after the fall? Is CERN the new tree? Will they symbolically eat of the tree in the film?

You will have to watch the film to find out. I may decode the rest of the film and post it here. But, I had to stop and upload this first part after seeing the blatant Garden of Eden references that we knew would persist when we decoded the trailer in September.

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