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James Alefantis Produced Satanic Cult Short Film: #PANpizzagate

Watch the video above as I decode a Satanic film that James Alefantis produced. The owner of Comet Ping Pong Pizza gets creepier and creepier at every turn.

The book Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby is mentioned in Alefantis’ film, Chapel Perilous. PANspermia is also mentioned in the book!

We had already made the connection between Alefantis and the panspermia, ping pong theory of how life evolved across the universe. The scene from ET Extra Terrestrial immortalized the moment just before Elliot has his first encounter; Elliot is holding a pizza standing next to a ping pong table with paddles (peels used to remove pizza from oven).

The connection to PAN is now confirmed. Pan, Pizza, ping pong, and the whole pizza making process, is steeped into the occult and Alefantis knows it.

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