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Stuck in the TIME LOOP POOL: At the Gate, Which Way Will You Go?

The Holy Spirit has revealed the truth about the miracle at the Pool of Bethesda. Yeshua was demonstrating the time loop we are stuck in when we are born from the lower pool of the womb into this reality. He also describes in the passage the way out of the time loop. Notice that POOL is LOOP backwards! This amazing story describes a SHEEP GATE and explains that we have a choice to take the narrow route to the infinite waters or the wide gate to hell.What all this proves is that only the true living God and his Son knew the specific anatomy of the inner eye and body several thousand years ago and they wrote it into nearly every bible story:

The man can WALK again, as an infant learns to WALK, after he is healed by Christ;

the Holy Spirit waters are STIRRED to heal those into everlasting life instead of the material waters BREAKING when born into this sinful materialistic realm;

the man becomes WELL when he drinks of the eternal waters of the Holy Spirit WELL.

The story is full of amazing juxtapositions once you have eyes to see them!

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