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BREAKING: 2008 Alefantis Accused of Creating Haven for Rape & Murder by Local Commissioner!

The Washington Post ran a 2008 story in which James Alefantis was accused of creating a haven for Rape and Murder at Comet Ping Pong by Neighborhood Commissioner, Frank Winstead. The Commissioner went as far as to stake out Comet Ping Pong Pizza in an attempt to find proof. The story includes links to audio of the Commissioner’s rant that was drowned out by the crowd! (below) What does Frank Winstead know? The article is clearly sympathetic to Alefantis, characterizing the Commissioner as a right wing, paranoid lunatic! Alefantis was supported by hundreds of patrons who came to his support. My guess is that, being the 49th most powerful man in Washington, he had no problem hiring a crowd to come in and offer support.


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